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The Perfect Storm

by Teer Wayde on Jul 19, 2018

The Perfect Storm SHOE ME
We've had galaxies on our feet, turned our tootsies into mermaids and glittered like crazy with all of those sparkles but now we can hold lightning in our platforms. Yes you read that correctly - LIGHTNING!!!
Pleaser have just released the stunning and magical Storm platforms and our minds are blown.
There is something so visually stunning about lightening - it lights up the sky in such a beautiful way and creates magic in the clouds. The new Storm styles from Pleaser perfectly capture the beauty of a stormy sky. 
Featuring a 8 Inch (200mm) Heel, 4 Inch (100mm) Platform Ankle Strap Sandal Featuring Holographic Lightning Bolt Print Wrapped Platform Bottom these babies stand super high and really grab your attention as the soft pink, purple, yellow and green hues pair perfectly with the clear straps. 
Looking for the same impact but a slightly smaller heel? Then the 708 Storm is perfect for you. This style features a 7 Inch (178mm) Heel, 2 3/4 Inch (70mm) platform so they are a slightly shorter in the heel and platform. 
In the 708 style you get a choice between blue or pink hologram prints! The blue storm platform is filled with neon hues and really gives a more bold look. So you have the option to choose between a cool or warm storm print to pair perfectly with your outfits. 
Which storm will you be snapping up?

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