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Return To Oz

by Teer Wayde on Aug 13, 2018

Return To Oz SHOE ME
Here at Shoeme HQ we are inspired buy all the spooky themes coming in from bloggers. Our resident Horror loving queen Teer Wayde recently shot her pins in two of her favourite styles. Creating a Wizard of Oz Vibe with a few simple styling ideas.
It's amazing what two pairs of printed stockings can create. For a Dorothy inspired look pair a black and white stripped full stocking with the amazing Sabrina-07 in red. These ruby slippers will evoke the perfect Dorothy vibe and the colour clash will really pop when paired with a blue gingham Dorothy costume. A little more qwirky and cute than your usual boring costume stockings.  
The Sabrina features a 4 Inch (90mm) Block Heel Mary Jane Pump so it's a wear all day style heal with a great comfy solid base.
Now for a darker look with the evil Wicked Witch of the West. Originally the witch was wearing the stockings we paired with the ruby slipper but for this photo shoot we've styled these amazing gothic boots with bold red and black stockings. 
Featuring a 2 3/4 Inch (70mm) Kitten Heel Ankle Boot Featuring Multiple Ornamental Straps and Bat Buckle Details and Front Zip Closure. The bold buckles and bats, with stunning silver hardware make these a perfect witchy boot.  The pointed to also screams wicked witch and when styled with any gothic look these look amazing.
The kitten heel also offers all day comfort so you can wear either look and not have to worry about sore feet at the end of your dress up evening.
So are you Dorothy or the Wicked Witch?

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