New Product Alert - Pole Physics 

Grip better with Pole Physics

Healthy skin grips better! Proven Poler Fact: Healthy skin grips better than dry skin. Dry scaly skin will cause you to be much more slippery on the pole. Pole Physics is a no-slick, no-slip moisturiser specifically engineered for dancers. It's recently been upgraded with new packaging and new scents. Which Pole Physics are you?

Arnica & Green Tea 

Naturally rich in antioxidants to help give your skin a more radiant and supple appearance. The Arnica extract naturally soothes and nurture's the skin so it's ideal for those polers with sore skin, brass burn & pole kisses.


Pole Mumma 

Has been formulated for the most sensitive skin. With no chemical nasties this is an all-rounder lotion. An all ages formula that is quickly absorbed, no residue, no artificial fragrances to interfere with mum/bub bonding.

Delight Heels

Luxe Gradual Tan

The only pole-friendly gradual tanner to leave skin with a gentle but invigorating scent.

Iron Grip Boots

Aussie Lemon Myrtle Aussie Lemon Myrtle: 

A delicate fragrance blend with natural extracts to make your skin radiant. 

Iron Grip Boots


All natural lotion that will help enhance the appearance of skin tone & firmness, but most importantly your natural ability to grip

Iron Grip Boots


A specially formulated pole-friendly body lotion that's quickly absorbed and suitable for everyday use. Use KoyaTattoo as part of your immediate care routine to support the healing process and long-term to nourish your tattoo's and have them looking their best.

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