January 22, 2018 2 min read

Pleaser are knocking our socks off this season with amazing new sparkles, designs and holographic coloured heels. For this post we are focusing on 3 style from the core range in sparkling shades that will blow your mind!
2018 is the year for future forward looking materials and the Hologram is back!! The Sky-309HG has a 7 Inch Heel, 2 3/4 Inch platform and a Holographic Ankle Strap. This amazing fabric changes as you move and the light reflects so these will be the item you base every outfit around. Available in Gold, Rose Gold an Cobalt Blue and the wheel and platform feature an extra sparkle like stars in the sky.
Need a little more sparkle? Then the Sky-308G is for you!! A clear open to sandal with an absolutely amazing glitter platform base. Much like the heels above these feature a7 inch Heel, 2 3/4 inch platform base. The clear features on top create amazing leg length and when you wear these babies is like walking on stars!  
Now for a little more bang! If you are looking for a super high heel that will blow peoples minds the Flamingo's are for you!! Featured here are 3 of out hottest new styles with some absolutely amazing design features. With an 8 Inch Heel, 4 Inch Platform and clear ankle straps these babies are high but they are so light and comfortable.
The first pair feature a blacklight reactive spider design on the platform bottom - so creepy! The second have are also glow in the dark with a blacklight reactive PVC flame inside heel and platform bottom. Both of these shine like crazy under the right lights.
Lastly the Clear/Smoke Flamingos are a more classic and stunning shade with out all the bells and whistles but still sleek, strong and sexy. The tinted clear grey is such a stunning colour and it pairs perfectly with the clear plastic straps.
What's your favourite style?

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