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Shiva is a uniquely transdermal formulation inspired by naturopathy and
scientific studies. The ingredient profile and penetrators in the formula were
chosen to work together, delivering real penetration through the skin. The main
active ingredient extracts are in 95% + pure forms ensuring complete solubility
within the solvents and the penetrator itself. This allows Shiva to effectively
reach the subcutaneous layer where actives are useful.

Intracellular effects of mitochondrial uncoupling at the site of application locally
convert fat cells into burning fat themselves. Extracellular localised effects aid
in the mobilisation of fat through metabolic pathways. These local fat burning
properties help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Being a fully transdermal formulation, Shiva effects fat processes throughout
the body. In particular Shiva targets the downstream effects of stress and
excess hormones which lead to excessive storage of fat. This helps combat the
fat storage cycle.

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