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Ghost and Ghouls

by Teer Wayde on Oct 15, 2020

Ghost and Ghouls SHOE ME

As we draw closer and close to the crescendo that is Halloween it's time to focus on something a ghoulish. This week we are putting the spotlight on the footwear for ghosts with the most and your favourite ghouls. 
The perfect little bootie for a ghostly 18th Century costume does exist. Dame-05 is a sweet off white PU and lace combo ankle bootie with a tiny kitten heel. Perfect for period costumes and so comfy! 
Looking for a longer boot for your ghost cosutme? How about a full retro swinging 60's spooker? These can be transformed into a full them or just a amazingly comfortable and super stretchy boot option. 
Our Demopnia Gravediggers are one of our most popular Alternative style boots as they have a super chunky base and bold accents.The new grey reflective style is the perfect ghostly boot as it shines bright white under black light! Making your ghost or ghoul costume really pop in the dark!
Inspired by the ghoulish grey gravediggers the Adore-1020 in this charcoal shade will look amazing with a tattered gown, some dusty old rags or maybe a ghostly dancer theme! 
Now lets go full ghoulish monster with the Dolly-130 boots! Featuring bold silver hardware, ghoulish sharp teeth, blood red eyeballs and more. Let your feet tell a spooky story!
Not all ghost and ghouls have to be scary. So can be adorable fuzzy pink monsters covered in eyeballs!  These amazing platform fur covered hot pink booties are the cutest and the perfect base for a fuzz creature costume.
Which will you be starting with?

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