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Bolt Boots

by Teer Wayde on Dec 10, 2018

Bolt Boots SHOE ME
Late last week one of the hottest new designs from Demonia was released and we got a whole bunch of stunning new stock!
Have you been looking for an all day wearing, comfortable boot with a quirky gothic twist then the Bolt Boots are going to be number one on your lust list.
From mid calf to ankle boots, chains, buckles or just a standard sleek lace up we have a massive selection of the Bolt style boots and booties in stock right now.
A mixture of a combat boot and the old school lace ups we lived in during our teens each pair has their own little bit of brilliance. Chains and straps for a classic punk look, more grommets and metal plates.
The 1 and 1/4 Inch Heel makes this style an absolute dream to wear. You can do absolutely anything in these and feel comfortable all day. These higher styles look amazing when paired with fishnets, bold printed leggings and easily zip up over your skinny jeans. The extra little features of most of these styles will really make you swoon, just take the 450 boot with chains attached to knuckle dusters - too brilliant for words!
What's the best part of the Bolt Boot? The choices!!! With 10 different styles you can find the perfect boot for you. Are you all about laces, buckles or chains? Do you want a mixture of all? With the Bolt we have you covered!
Check out all of these amazing new styles in our New Arrivals section right now and be sure to tell us your faves.  

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